Matching unique needs with qualified lenders

Just as each association is unique in its needs; each lender is unique in its lending requirements. Our long-standing partnership with trusted banks and our relationship with outside financial institutions ensures we can match your loan application package with the best fit.

Overseeing your loan application from start to finish

  • Review your loan request
  • Request a legal review of governing documents by your association’s attorney
  • Communicate directly with shareholders - Construction Manager or General Contractor - on an as-needed basis, related to the project funding
  • Confirm loan request meets projected funding needs, and preparation of financial analysis, as needed
  • And much more!

Your Board is Always In-the-Know

Communication is vitally important. We take on the workload of assembling a complete loan application package but always make sure your board is aware of your application status. Association Capital Advisors will:

Update the board as information becomes available throughout the loan application process.
Coordinate the final loan document signature between the board, attorney, and the lender to fund the loan.
Instruct the community manager or board on the initial wire transfer request, required on loans offering a draw period.

Get started today!

The loan application process can be cumbersome and time-consuming. Let Association Capital Advisors handle it, so you can take pride in fulfilling your fiduciary duty to the community. 

*The loan process may take several months, but can also be shorter depending on the governing document requirements. Plan in advance so your funding is available when your project mobilizes.